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Flash Briefing is The New Thing!

Smart speakers explode in popularity and Alexa Flash Briefings are all the rage right now.

Creating and publishing an Alexa Skill has never been this easy! You can create a Flash Briefing in minutes by using AlexaFeed and deliver your content to over 100+ million people.

Join the Wave of Change!

Media is changing and Amazon Alexa is the next big platform for podcasters, bloggers, influencers, marketers and online business owners trying to get their messages to the world.

Flash Briefing for Podcasts

Podcasting is one of the most talked-about forms of modern media and it's a great way to reach highly engaged audience. With Flash Briefings, you can reach your listeners and also grow your audience in a brand new way. Just upload your audio clips to AlexaFeed and get your podcast show delivered to millions of Amazon Alexa users.

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AlexaFeed for Podcasts
AlexaFeed for Blogs

Flash Briefing for Blogs

If you are already creating original blog content, Flash Briefing is a great way to re-distribute your posts to a wider audience. Just put your content into AlexaFeed and let us do the magic for you.

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Flash Briefing for Campaigns

Are you an influencer or a top-level marketer who's looking for innovative ways to promote your campaigns? Upload your messaging into AlexaFeed either in audio or text format and reach millions of Amazon Alexa users.

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AlexaFeed for Campaigns
AlexaFeed for Newsletters

Flash Briefing for Newsletters

Flash Briefing provides the advantage of highly engaged audiences in a format that is singularly intimate. Your subscribers may be busy to open your newsletters, but they will love to listen to your news and promotions on-demand.

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Create Alexa Flash Briefing

No coding or technical knowledge required. AlexaFeed is easy to use, so you can create your own Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing Skill within minutes!
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Let AlexaFeed Make Your Life Easier

There are many tutorials on the internet about how to build your Alexa Flash Briefing by yourself. Indeed, we encourage you to try and experience the complexity of the process, yet you will also need a hosting plan to upload your clips and a little bit programming knowledge to provide the content in a specific way which is strictly enforced by Amazon.

But Hey! Who would want to deal with all the hassle and frustration while you can create your own Flash Briefing in minutes with AlexaFeed's streamlined process. We also provide a unique content management tool in which you can categorize your content into groups, schedule publish dates to deliver daily fresh content and check analytics to evaluate the performance of your Alexa Skill.

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